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Custom-Built Elite Indoor Curved Stairlift

When you need a stairlift that curves, you need a Bruno Elite Indoor Curve — the chairlift custom-built to precisely fit your home. Bruno’s curved stair chair delivers a premium smooth, stable ride around every corner. Quality craftsmanship is evident on every Bruno Elite stairlift, from the quiet, dependable ride to the plush seat.

curved stairlift

Standard Features

  • Offset swivel seat makes getting on/off safe and easy
  • Armrest rocker switch for easy operation
  • Soft start/stop for a smooth ride from start to finish
  • Adjustable footrest height for maximum comfort
  • Obstruction sensors, and seat belt ensure safety
  • Flip up arms, seat, and footrest to create extra space on steps
  • Plush, generous-size seat with multiple height adjustments
  • Onboard audio/visual diagnostics for easy service
  • Two wireless calls/sends allow the unit to be controlled remotely
  • Elite stairlift capacity: 400 lbs
  • Two 12v batteries ensure dependability – even in a power outage
  • Bruno stairlift Gold Warranty: five-year major components; two-year parts

Available Options

Larger Seat Pad
Larger Footrest
Power Folding Footrest
Power Swivel Seat
Additional Park Positions

Provides additional safety by extending the rail away from the staircase.

Mid-Park & Charge Station

For staircases with middle landings allow safe entry/exit.

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